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My husband always says, "Tracie can work hard all day out in the yard/field/garden, then I can hose her off and take her out for a night on the town." I think it's a compliment....We've been married for 22 years and have lived with our three sons on a small farm in Sandpoint the entire time. Originally a Southern california girl, I love the outdoors in any season so Sandpoint is an awesome place to live. I love to hit the yard sale scene, pick up vintage do-dads here and there, repurpose, create and reuse. Bella Pink is my reinvention.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Today the thermometer read's too cold. The sunshine doesn't do much but look pretty. All of the animals are shacked up in the house. It's a great day to create!!
Today I am working on my Christmas cards. I have a variety of papers left over from years past. In keeping with my simple approach to Christmas this year, I am going to use up what I've got rather than race out and buy the latest Basic Grey!
Today I am also going to the Memorial service for my friend Teresa. She was a strong woman. She taught me many things about "home keeping". I learned perfect hospital corners from her. I think she's in Heaven teaching em how to clean things up a bit!
I think I have come to the end of my cold and for that I am grateful. I haven't been easy to be around.
Stay warm!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Whew! It's been a while! My computer "caught" a virus so i have been away for over a week! So much has happened. It's been a whirlwind.....

Home for the Holidays is still receiving accolades. I am already planning for the next event.

Thanksgiving week was fun. Frank was home from school. He used the smoker every day to make wonderful foods. He cooked with Mimi (my Mother in law) for two days getting ready for the big meal. I think that we just finished the last of the left overs!

Now I have a cold and have had to cancel some fo the fun things that I was planning. Shari and Nancy are heading to Spokane today and may be stopping at some fun stops....Trellis, Chaps, etc. I wish I were going but don't want to spread the germs!

The weather outside is cold and crisp, the scenery beautiful. It's a great time to stay inside and work on Christmas gifts.

Have a Bella day!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


What a fun weekend!! I am happy to say that the Home for the Holidays show was a successful adventure. Depsite the fact that it is dark at 4:30 pm and I have no light at the end of the driveway (that's on the list for next summer!) we had tons of ladies show up for Friday evening. We snacked and laughed and shopped the evening away. A wonderful sight was Lyle and his women gathered around for "Story Hour". Thanks to those of you who braved the darkness.

Saturday was another fun day, with a steady flow of those who are shopping inclined. I was smiling a lot. I had some wonderful compliments. The most common theme among the shoppers was that they loved the cozy setting and the welcoming atmosphere.

I so loved visiting with Maria, sharing homemade pumpkin bread and hot apple cider with my new friend Don, checking out everyone's purchases. I loved when Frank came through the door sportin' a full beard.

Thank you to my good friends who made this past weekend possible!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Today's the day!!

Yeah!! It's finally here!! Today is the Home for the Holidays show we've all been working so hard for. Of course.....I am still prepping, really what would any event that I put on be without tons of LAST minute preps?! Sometimes I think that I operate best in that situation and sometimes I am sure it would be better for my health to be better prepared!!

Enough about me.

Home for the Holidays will begin today at 4pm. Tonight we will have some wine and hot apple cider (from our trees) to serve you along with various homemade goods. Tomorrow, promptly at 9 am, we will have hot coffee and pumpkin bread ready for you to snack on while you shop the various wonderful, I mean wonderful vendors we have here. I am so thrilled with my friends who have spent the time to get their creations ready for you all. The talent is amazing. The creativity to die for. Please make Home for the Holidays one of your stops this weekend!!

Follow the pink signs to our house. I know it will be dark tonight. Follow Hwy 95 North past the Walmart. Left on Bronx Road, 4th drive on the right. See you here!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bella Images

4 days and counting.....

So now I can use a plasma cutter!! I was so excited to get started. I have my own "self darkening" welding helmet. I schlepped a bunch of cans home from a local un-named taco stand (there is still some tomato sauce in the back seat of the car) and went to town on the cutting. The first ones look like they were done by a first grader on crack, but the method improved over the course of the evening. If I only had just one artistic bone in my body!! But, boy is it fun!! I am now putting the theme music from flash Dance on my Ipod and am channeling that Beal woman (without the adult dancing...nobody wants to see that!) Look to see some of my "work" at the Home for the Holidays show this weekend.

Which leads me to....4 more days.....woo hoo!!

Yes, I am still decorating. That is on my list of things to do before I go back to the barn and start plasma cutting again.

Have a Bella day!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

5 days.......

The sun is peeking between the clouds and the mountains.....
There are no giant candy canes in Sandpoint......
I am having a "brain freeze" when it comes to decorating (time to call Terri in!)....
There are 5! days left til
Home for the Holidays.......